Financial dictatorship changes
human consciousness

Financial dictatorship changes human consciousness

The topic of this article is key in the development of our civilization, or rather in its anti-development. In my opinion, humanity is de-evolving, I consider all talk about the achievements of modern science inappropriate, science has not been able to penetrate into the nature of its own fundamental discoveries, of which there are indeed many, and many famous scientists speak directly about this. Most modern scientific developments work to destroy humans, serving the military-industrial sector of the economy. As for the evolution of human consciousness, in this regard things are no better; its increasing degradation is an obvious fact. It is very difficult to say exactly when our development took the wrong path; history is constantly being rewritten or completely destroyed. But one fact remains obvious, and it will be discussed in this publication.

The problem that no one wants to notice

A little more than 30 years have passed since the collapse of the USSR, during this short time the world has changed beyond recognition, it increasingly resembles a huge market run by traders, in this world there is only one rule: everything must make a profit! Even the death of people is viewed from the perspective of obtaining material profit. The market mechanism is evolving; business has influenced art, sports, medicine, education and much more. The very thinking of people is changing, it is becoming market-oriented even among schoolchildren, many parents are already openly talking about this. From an early age, children absorb the same rule for everyone: money is wealth, money is power, only money can bring freedom and happiness. But even with all the apparent depravity of the system, people have always been, are and will be, but they, as a rule, become outcasts in the modern world. It is encouraging that there are more such people every day, and this is not an accident.

I think all the talk about the return of modern society to traditional values should not be taken seriously, at least for now. It is impossible to sit on two chairs at the same time. In the conditions of a market economy, wild social stratification, consumption ideology and competition between people, all talk about traditional values is nothing more than propaganda, hiding the growing process of establishing digital control over a person. But still, the main obstacle to people returning to their true purpose is their faith in money.

In the Soviet Union, speculation was prosecuted by law; in the modern world, it is becoming a legal right for everyone; moreover, speculation is encouraged at the state level. It is not the creative person who is capable of creating that is valued, but the one who can sell his creation with maximum benefit for himself. The despicable huckster becomes the personification of the modern world order. Market mechanisms have deeply penetrated the consciousness of every consumer; in fact, we are all, with rare exceptions, traders. In the concept of “ trader ” I mean not only the principle of buying and selling, the essence is much deeper. At the heart of market thinking, a reflex has been developed that encourages the consumer to consider the whole world, including the people around him, as potential food for himself. In this thinking, the concept of altruism is completely absent, which does not correspond to the nature of the world around us and man himself; this fact is directly related to the fall in the birth rate, the loss of a sense of unity, and much more.

Observing the changes taking place in people in the so-called civilized society, today I have little doubt that a person endowed with reason, initially created in the image and likeness of his Creator, being under the influence of his own material passions and emotions, is gradually turning into its opposite. I'm not talking about individual exceptions, the number of which is noticeably increasing, I'm talking about the general trend in the development of the entire so-called civilized world. How long can a world like this last?

Your view on the problem

I myself am not a historian, much less an economist, so I will present my view of what is happening based on my own experience. The market model, like the capitalist system itself as a whole, does not contradict the biological nature of man, it is its mirror image. This explains her resilience and ability to adapt to various circumstances. The danger of the instinctive development of civilization lies in the unawareness of the consequences, both for the person himself and for the surrounding nature. We already see what a person turns into under the influence of his own passions and emotions, the same thing happens with the economy, social sphere and politics.

With the growing influence of market mechanisms, humanity naturally faced a decline in the influence of reasonable decisions in all spheres of its existence; this is the law of nature. Only a blind person can fail to notice how various political figures, under the influence of the laws of the market, become primitive trading managers whose task is to serve the interests of big capital. Those few politicians who realize the depravity of the system will not risk changing anything in it; they have long been its hostages. The statement of the President of Kazakhstan in this regard is noteworthy. The head of state, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, made a frank admission: “if this or that civil servant committed a corruption crime by mistake, without malicious intent, then criminal liability should not be applied to this civil servant. Otherwise, we will paralyze the state apparatus. ” Tokayev unwittingly admitted that corruption is an integral part of the system.

I'll put it in my own words :
" The fight against corruption and other vices within the existing system does not mean at all that the system will become more efficient and fair, the system will simply cease to exist. Just as any biological organism deprived of its basic instincts will cease to exist "

The established system is a living organism that, having reached the limit of its growth, begins to devour itself. I always compare the modern market model, or rather its dependence on the growth of material profits, to a person’s dependence on a hard drug, the dose of which he involuntarily has to increase. This process does not last long, a maximum of seven to ten years, followed by death from an overdose (economic crisis, war). If you leave the dose of the drug the same, the addict will no longer receive a surge of energy, he will only get rid of the pain syndrome (recession, degradation, slow death). The capitalist system is like a long-time drug addict who feels that the next increase in the drug dose may be his last, but he is no longer able to stop. War and human blood are a drug for him, and the military-industrial complex is his soul. Animal instinct pushes a drug addict to the most reckless actions; there is only one thought in his head - you die today, and I will die tomorrow.

Only the militarization of the economy can support its economic growth, and therefore extend the life of the system, even if only for a short time. In practice, this means a further increase in military conflicts and incitement of hatred between peoples.

It is no longer possible to hide the consequences of an insane policy; various economic sanctions, genocide and terror, gas pipeline explosions, bloody wars, contrived pandemics, purposeful intensification of hatred between peoples and much more, give every reason to believe that the period of unconscious development of civilization has ended.

Consciousness is the battlefield for the future of humanity

In the modern world, huge amounts of money are allocated for propaganda; the leading positions in this direction so far belong to the capitalist countries of the West. The struggle for consciousness is a natural biological process for the bourgeoisie. The effectiveness of their propaganda, like the system as a whole, is based on the weaknesses of man’s physical nature, his passions and innate instincts, which in turn, without feeling any serious internal resistance, easily penetrate the consciousness and ultimately subjugate it. The conflict in Ukraine has shown in practice the possibility of manipulating public consciousness, by controlling which one can make enemies even of people related by blood.

Today, many are trying to find those responsible for the revival of hatred of everything Russian in Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Central Asia and the West in general. No one even thinks about the fact that it simply couldn’t have happened any other way. Everything was predictable, nature does not tolerate a vacuum, having cleared people’s consciousness of the ideology of universal human values, the void was immediately filled with opposite “values”, with which the ideology of hatred and enmity between peoples is directly related.

The nature of consciousness

Human consciousness, despite the secret of its nature hidden from people, is of utmost importance; according to many famous scientists, consciousness is capable of changing the surrounding reality. Perhaps that is why there is a fierce struggle for influence over him. Scientific experiments in this direction were carried out back in the 60s of the last century; one of the first leaders in studying the influence of consciousness on the environment was Professor William A. Tiller. Soviet scientists also spoke about the impact of subtle energy on the surrounding world, directly linking the energy released by humans with natural disasters. Carrying out many years of careful scientific observations, prominent Russian scientists - geophysicists Alexey Dmitriev and Igor Yanitsky and their colleagues came to the conclusion that human mental energy, actively influencing the geomagnetic field, also affects the electric field of the Earth and, accordingly, all earthly processes.

Our planet is alive according to such famous people as Goethe, Chardin, Vernadsky and others, which means social tension in the global consciousness may well cause natural disasters. The earth can no longer withstand the tension that is generated by the growing chaos in human consciousness. Scientist physicist David Bohm argues that if ten people or a hundred or more could be as a single whole, then the power of their influence would be many times greater than that of one person, and thus the awakening of the consciousness of all humanity would become possible.

Pay attention to one important fact: in all so-called democratic states, any ideology capable of uniting people is prohibited. In all these countries, the laws of the market and competition, which divide people into different social groups, are a prerequisite. Any unanimity in the state is considered a dictatorship, which is pressured with the help of various economic sanctions in order to democratize it. People are persistently told that everyone should have their own opinion and their own view of the world around them; religions are divided into dozens of confessions, each of which considers only its own teaching to be true. Everything is being done to prevent the unity of people. Competition and animosity prevent alliances that might challenge the existing system.

All the problems of modern civilization began precisely from the moment when humanity ceased to feel like a single whole, including with the surrounding nature. In my opinion, we need to understand and comprehend some important things : who, when and for what purpose divided people, instilling in them the idea of God's chosen and exceptional peoples? Who and for what purpose separated man and nature, instilling in him that only he has a soul, and everything else is soulless, including animals and the entire world around him? When exactly did the replacement of real values with counterfeit ones in the form of gold bars and paper money take place? Even the state banking system was separated from the state itself, to which it should rightfully belong; everything that can be divided is divided. The banking interest of the financial system completed the formation of a new world, people, cut off from nature and divided among themselves, stopped responding to lies and manipulation of their consciousness, they simply went blind. Finding answers to these questions will certainly lead to the beginning of the awakening of our consciousness.

Is it possible to stop destructive processes?

I don’t think that the growing chaos can be stopped; this is a natural result of the development of mankind over many recent centuries. But it is most likely possible to minimize the tragic consequences. Firstly, it is necessary to completely abandon the instinctive path of development, taking the path of intelligent construction of one’s future. Free the economy from mandatory growth and maximum profit. Bank interest should be prohibited, and the entire financial sector should become a single organism of the state. Secondly, the most important issue is the rejection of false material values and a return to the true ones, which are land and water; people should again feel one with the nature around them. As for spiritual values, their return will be inevitable in conditions of unity; we are all a society of a common destiny. I cannot say how to implement all this in practice, but it will have to be done, otherwise the wheel of history will do it, but with more tragic consequences.

All attempts by globalists to change human nature will only accelerate all destructive processes. Those who have not yet lost contact with the mind have been feeling this acceleration for many years. It is impossible to completely subjugate the mass consciousness of people and control it; first it is necessary to subjugate the entire surrounding nature, man and nature are one. The increase in forest fires, droughts, floods and earthquakes, the growth of various diseases, viruses and much more, is largely the result of the growth of negative emotions in the human mind, which by its nature is designed to shape the world around us. Man, unlike other biological creatures, is endowed, in addition to being an animal, with a creative principle, which means he is capable of not only destroying, but also creating like his Creator. It is difficult to combine in one bodily shell both the creative and animal principles, each of which wages a continuous struggle for the conscious “ I ” , for the consciousness of each of us. It is no coincidence that ancient philosophy claims that victory over oneself is the main victory and meaning of human life on earth. This victory is impossible without self-awareness and a sense of unity with the surrounding nature. As for the system as a whole, it is necessary to understand that it only reflects the moral state of society. “ In a moral society there cannot be an immoral economy ” I heard this statement back in Soviet times and now I completely agree with it.


Man and the nature surrounding him are a single whole, our ancestors knew this very well, living with it in complete harmony. The fact that everything in our world is interconnected is confirmed by quantum science. It is not at all necessary to be a scientist to see the obvious, just look at a map of the planet, which, plus or minus, is 70% covered with water, the rest 30% is earth, the human body consists of 70% water and 30% earth elements. Perhaps this is a coincidence, many will think, but for some reason I don’t think so. Any living biological matter by its nature is a continuation of the earth, and the earth is a continuation of the sky. The physical body of each of us will in due time become part of the earth, the water, having changed its properties, will rise into the sky, purify itself and again pour onto the earth with rain, filling the surrounding nature with life. This is the same eternal process of “ sowing and reaping” that Christ spoke about in his time. How can we break out of this closed cycle of our physical nature and realize the meaning of our life in this world?

The Soviet period, despite its many mistakes, gave us an important lesson that we need to deeply comprehend and draw conclusions for ourselves. For me personally, this period opened my eyes to all the strengths and weaknesses of human nature, it looked like the beginning of awakening from a dream, just before the dawn began.
As for the power of money and humanity’s dependence on it, the head of the Rothschild clan answered this question very directly: “People just need to stop worshiping the “Golden Calf” and this dependence will disappear.

Jaras Valiukėnas

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