In our troubled times, it is very difficult not to become a victim of propaganda, not to become a tool in the hands of greedy and corrupt politicians who, by virtue of various circumstances, are themselves a tool of more powerful and influential forces.

Over the last decades, Lithuania's political elite has been forming a false image of having no alternative to the USA-led global order in the minds of its citizens. The blind belief in the omnipotence of Washington and in its impunity, today is the main threat to the very existence of the Lithuanian statehood, this threat concerns not only Lithuania.

One of the few adequate European politicians has drawn attention to this. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the time is approaching
"when the weak nations will die and the strong ones will survive," Index quoted him as saying.

Our world is in a state of growing chaos and unpredictability, this process is not simply associated with another change of economic, political or social models. If the geopolitical layout of the near future is more or less obvious, the question that concerns humanity itself, its further existence, raises a lot of concerns.

The modern market economy is a mirror of sorts, reflecting an image of the development of all civilization since ancient times. Under the influence of the Greco-Roman heritage, the world community unwittingly found itself in a kingdom of crooked mirrors, which for many centuries has reflected a distorted picture of the world. The danger of unconscious development of mankind was talked about in antiquity, surprisingly, but among those who raised this issue in our time was the influential organization in the West, the Club of Rome.

One of the main threats to humanity, the members of the Club of Rome recognized the threat of unawareness of what was happening in the world. At the Club of Rome's 50th anniversary meeting in 2018, its experts and participants came to a clear conclusion:

"without a radical change in the paradigm of our civilization's development - the obsolete norms of capitalism, financial speculation, the dogmas of materialism, and a simplistic understanding of the world - the world faces complete sociocultural disorganization and systemic catastrophe."

The collapse of the kingdom of crooked mirrors is irreversible, it is a logical process that will require a huge expenditure of energy, which includes both human and other material resources. It is necessary to remember this and try to realize the inevitability of the growing chaos, not only in all spheres of human activity, but also in the surrounding nature, which is inextricably linked with human consciousness. The process of collapse will last more than a decade, only out of chaos is born a new order and comes awareness of the real picture of the world.

During difficult historical periods, we all need to remember the timeless wisdom: "A close neighbor is always better than a distant relative. Many people in Lithuania understand this, and one of those who have openly advocated rapprochement with all neighboring countries is the "Neighborhood Forum" organization created by Algirdas Paleckis. I am sure that the prison in which Algirdas is now in, will only make him wiser, in the near future his thoughts will determine the further path of development of the Lithuanian state.

Lithuanian "elites" on the guard of the elusive world of illusions

I was always on the alert for the loud statements of the Lithuanian politicians, I had a feeling that many of their statements and actions were aimed exclusively at the destruction of the stability in the international relations and creation of chaos. I was very surprised by one of the statements of the head of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, in which he called for the preservation of order and certain rules, quote:

"Europe cannot simply watch passively as China attempts to change the rule-based world order. Europe must be the creator of geopolitics and speak the language of force with China," Landsbergis said. Strangely enough, on the one hand, everything is done to destroy the international order, while on the other hand, there are calls for its preservation.

There is one question to ask - who has been destroying the international order since '91? Let us recall the rude interference in the affairs of independent states, which became a common practice after the destruction of the USSR, let us recall the expansion of the NATO military bloc, which came very close to the Russian borders.

Every thinking person should understand that if you corner even a small animal, it will be forced to show aggression against its persecutor, Russia is not a small animal. Are there still such naive people who thought that all this will not have any consequences? Lithuania and Europe as a whole for a long time already became the tool about which I told in the very beginning, it is necessary to remove at last rose-colored glasses and to look at occurring events open eyes.

Vilius Brazenas, a well-known man in Lithuania, warned Lithuanians 20 years ago about the dangers of the American globalists and the expansion of the European Union and the NATO military bloc. I highly recommend to listen to his thoughts, which are still available in the Internet. Braženas' words and the film "Go to the Past" made together with him have become prophetic and even more actual, than 20 years ago.
(Braženas interview in Lithuanian)

Contribution of Lithuanian "elites" to the growing chaos

No one can dispute the active participation of Lithuanian politicians in the so-called Maidan in Ukraine in 2014; there are many candid interviews, publications, and photos on the subject. In the videos that have survived, their calls to overthrow the legitimate authorities of the state were openly heard from high tribunes in Kiev. Today the whole world is breathlessly experiencing the consequences of these calls, not fully aware of the depth of the coming global upheaval that will affect everyone without exception. The fratricidal war in Ukraine, which began in 2014, is a consequence of the insane actions of people representing modern politics.

Only thanks to the restraint of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, the Lithuanian hawks failed to repeat the experience of the Ukrainian Maidan in 2020. One can only imagine how much more human blood would have been spilled in the case of a successful coup attempt in Belarus. Recently, the Lithuanian politicians have been saying more and more often that the citizens might have to sacrifice the dearest things, defending their freedom and the democratic choice of the state. We will talk about freedom later; for now, it is important to understand at least what lies on the surface.

If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit

A large part of the Lithuanian society, under the influence of the propaganda of the ruling class, unconsciously perceives the events taking place in the world. Moreover, the Lithuanian ruling class itself, being under the influence of the current circumstances, is not much different from the victims of its own propaganda. In the words of Jesus Christ, "They are blind leaders of the blind. It concerns not only the Lithuanian state, the ability to see and understand what is happening, loses the whole so-called civilized world.

The Lithuanian society is indoctrinated for years to come with the idea of the culprits for all past, present and future tragedies of mankind. The culprit will always be the one who will be pointed out by Washington. Few people will give serious thought to the fact that the United States is directly responsible for the use of nuclear weapons against Japanese civilians.

No one will remember the first mass use of chemical weapons by the U.S. military in Vietnam in the 1960s. Over the 10 years of the war, 80 million tons of the chemical agent Agent Orange was dropped on Vietnam.

Never one of the Lithuanian politicians will tell about the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in the heart of Europe in 1999, this act of aggression was undertaken without any sanction of the UN Security Council. Further already in 2003, the U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell will show the world an empty tube, which will become a reason for the invasion of American troops in Iraq. According to various sources, more than a million people died in this war, followed by Libya and Syria.

If you list all the wars waged by the U.S. imperialists since the end of World War II, it would take too much time, it is a topic for a separate conversation. But the results of the research of the Canadian organization "Center for Research on Globalization" is a must for everyone. Study leader James A. Lucas points out that in the period called the "post-war era" (1945 to the present day), more than 20 million lives were lost due to wars and coups led by the United States.
(report in English)


Lithuanian society is saturated with fears about the Soviet Gulag and most people do not want to see the real picture of what is happening in the world. In Lithuania myself, I have had many encounters with people who, while telling me myths about the Soviet period, had no idea about the meaning of the word Gulag. I was born at the end of the fifties in Kazakhstan, literally a hundred meters from the camp for prisoners of war and political prisoners in which my father was serving his sentence. From my childhood I was surrounded by people who had been through all the camps, from the far north, Siberia to Central Asia.

I don't think there are those in Lithuania who know more than I do about real life in prison during that period. The history is distorted and far from the real life of those years. Any historical period cannot be viewed by the individual episodes that benefit the ruling class, history must be evaluated by the real results, which gave one or another historical segment of time.

On a background of anti-Soviet hysteria here nobody will dare to recollect that the Lithuanian state was revived thanks to revolution in Russia in 1917, and the first people to recognize its independence were Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin. Will not remember that it was the Soviet Union returned to Lithuania Vilnius and the Vilnius region in 1939, will not remember that Klaipeda was re-incorporated into Lithuania exactly because of the victory of the USSR over Nazi Germany. These are only a few positive historical facts, I will not talk about the negative, the Lithuanian propagandists will tell about them. I will only add one thing, it is necessary to remember everything, both good and bad.

The anti-Soviet propagandists themselves are interesting by nature, many of whom are or have been in the highest echelons of government in Lithuania. None of them had experienced hunger or other deprivations in their lives, had been in exiles or camps.

As a rule, these people or their parents lived comfortably under the Soviet government and enjoyed all its privileges. Many in the past were themselves members of the Communist Party or Komsomol and cooperated with the Soviet security forces.

Is it worth trusting those who can so easily change their ideals? This category of people will always serve, first and foremost, only their own interests; it cannot be otherwise, such is their nature.

After returning to Lithuania in the early 2000s, my father spoke ironically about the new Lithuanian government, stating openly: These are the usual collaborators serving the interests of big business, before they persecuted and imprisoned us, today they hide behind us. As for their anti-Soviet views, my father very accurately noted: "These people will no longer be able to live differently, for them it is the only means to justify their past.

In 2019 I purposefully made a small documentary film, it was shot in the heart of the once famous Gulag in Kazakhstan. In this video I tried to capture the spirit of the 50s and 60s, but most importantly, the film features rare camp photos taken in Siberia at the sawmill and in Magadan between 1943 and 1945. Photographs that have already become the property of some museums cannot be faked and the memories of the people who lived at that time cannot be distorted. Film
"Temirtau, the city of love and hope" is easy to find in Internet, and all historical pictures which were not included in this film are on my site. The film itself is in Russian at the bottom of the article.

In Lithuania I changed my view of the past

It was in Lithuania that my attitude toward the Soviet period changed drastically; it was the moment when I realized the essence of Western democracy and freedom, about which Lithuanian propaganda relentlessly trumpeted. This propaganda in my mind paints the image of a seriously ill dying person, to whom trying to alleviate his suffering, is insinuated the idea of a speedy recovery.

Only a blind man can fail to notice that the Lithuanian people and the so-called elites, including big business, live in completely different worlds, and the chasm between them is growing. People no longer trust the official propaganda, they stop watching the news, and most do not go to elections at all. All of this says only one thing: the system is in the deepest crisis. It is no coincidence that in recent years the ideas of transhumanism have been insistently introduced into the minds of mankind; the globalists are frightened by the very possibility of an epiphany of human consciousness, and thus a loss of control over it.

Three important conditions determine the prospects for further development of the state, the first is fertility, the second is mortality, and the third is the health of the nation. The birth and death rates are not even worth talking about, the Lithuanian people are degenerating and it is impossible to stop this process in the framework of the existing system.

As for health, the situation is not better. Just 40-50 years ago, I was frightened by empty corridors and the deadly silence in Soviet clinics, today in the free democratic world, even to get an appointment with a doctor is already becoming a big problem. According to Western news agencies, the incidence of cancer has increased significantly among young people over the past few decades. It is extremely difficult to find a healthy person in today's society, a fact that no one can deny.

I see exactly what society has become under the influence of the propaganda of consumption and comfort. People have sunk into a world of their own illusions, shutting each other out with metal doors and high fences. Money and comfort have become the main goal of their lives. Satisfying their vicious desires, any of which can be obtained for money, is interpreted in the West as freedom.

As for freedom, Fyodor Dostoyevsky spoke very deeply and precisely in the mouth of the Inquisitor: "for nothing and never has been for man and for human society more intolerable than freedom!

In the West, there is no traditional upbringing, parents are only taught how to properly cater to the whims of their children, any punishment of the child is prosecuted by law.

"If you want something, you can't deny yourself that, if you don't have money, take a loan from the bank," they teach young people. Children grow up without any internal restrictions, and parents and society as a whole rely on various laws, which the authorities do not have time to pass. Imagine if suddenly, for some reason, state laws stop working, and internal laws are long gone.

An example of this is the events in New Orleans in the United States in 2005. Hurricane Katrina destroyed in an instant the myth of a civilized society, many people turned into bandits and rapists in the blink of an eye, most of them simply lost their humanity. Natural, man-made, climatic and other disasters are inevitable in our world; it is only a matter of time. Nature is already sending us alarm signals, but unfortunately not everyone is able to hear them, and it is the climate that will put the final end to the collapse of this criminal system.

The Sun Rises in the East

The Lithuanian society is persistently inspired with one idea: - you need only to be patient, soon we will defeat Russia and all will be well again. On this point I will say unequivocally, even if simply to imagine that a part of the Russian elite would very much like to lose the war, they will not be allowed to do it.

Politicians of Lithuania and Europe as a whole, render an invaluable service in revival of the East, this probably is the only positive moment, but it is most likely unconscious.

Lithuania's rejection of cheap Russian energy resources and lobbying for various sanctions against Russia will naturally redirect all of its export flows to the East. Europe will of course receive these resources, but from other countries and with a substantial surcharge. Only a person who has completely lost touch with reason can agree with the fact that this is a very well-thought-out plan for the destruction of Russia.

No one doubts the rapid economic growth of the entire Asian region, especially China and India. In practice, this means a natural decline in economic growth and political influence of the countries that once belonged to the so-called golden billion, it is a law of nature (in a closed space, if somewhere there is a gain, somewhere there will be a loss).

In recent years, countries that used to be colonies of the West are gradually abandoning the dollar, preferring to conduct trade and mutual settlements in their own currencies, and this is the most painful blow to the power of Washington and the West as a whole. The BRICS countries, which represent 40 percent of the world's population, and the countries of ASEAN are abandoning the dollar in favor of national currencies, followed by the Middle East and African countries. No one wants to live by the rules set by political cheats anymore.

It is not so much the economic development of the East that gives hope, as the revival of its lost ancient knowledge, which is now needed by the whole rotten world. The preserved knowledge of the ancient East about human nature and the world around it has been confirmed in recent years by the new quantum science.

Eastern philosophy calls for a harmonious world order, it seeks to unite people and nature, to make them an indivisible whole, in contrast to the Western worldview, based on their separation. The collapse of the capitalist model is logical; humanity has no power to influence this process.

Emigration, which today saves Europe from extinction and supplies it with manpower, only intensifies national-religious contradictions in society, which in the near future, will inevitably lead to unpredictable consequences.

The Slavic ethnos is dying out, the Lithuanians are as Slavs as Ukrainians, Poles, Belarusians, Russians and others, if anyone doubts this, they can take a look at the main surviving document of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Statute (constitution) of the GDL is written in the Old Slavonic language.

The degeneration of the Slavs is associated primarily with the loss of those values that were inherent in our ancestors, the main value for them has always been freedom, I am talking about real inner freedom, whose meaning I myself understood not so long ago. The modern Lithuanian consumer is a slave to his own passions and illusions, this is the heaviest slavery, which propagandists present as freedom.

For this false freedom, they are willing to urge people to sacrifice their lives by sending them to defend the dying American hegemony.

The Slavs can have only two ways, either to disappear completely, or to come to an agreement among themselves. It is necessary to remember their ancient history, destroyed by the European Inquisition in the early Middle Ages. It is impossible to erase the genetic memory, but to hear your inner voice, it is necessary to have an epiphany, to clear your consciousness from the slave mentality.

It is the revival of the ancient knowledge of the East, can help the Slavic peoples to find that real freedom, which over the centuries formed the cultural Slavic code, the basis of which is the people's power. I see the future of the ethnos only in the creation of the Union of Slavic Socialist Republics, certainly sounds threatening to some, but there is simply no other way out. This doesn't mean that the new union is solely for the Slavs, it is a union for all peaceful peoples and religions, ready to share humanity's common destiny.

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The photos were taken in Siberia at the sawmill, and in Magadan. 1936 - 1947
Jaras Valukenas