Civilization stopped its development at the level of the early Middle Ages

Western politicians are feverishly preparing their nations for war, calls to arm themselves and increase defense spending are heard everywhere. The information space is drowning in mutual accusations and in the search for new enemies. For many people living in Lithuania such a picture is familiar, it can be observed here for a long time, especially during the reign of Dalia Grybauskaitė since 2009. At that time the political madness was still localized and limited. The virus of American McCarthyism, launched by globalists through Lithuanian politicians, was able to spread its metastasis throughout Europe and go far beyond its borders. Today, mass insanity has spread throughout the Western world and beyond.

With the beginning of the collapse of the USSR, we gradually began to realize that the reasons for everything that was happening lay much deeper than it might seem at first glance. At the time of the collapse of the country, it was simply impossible to understand everything, and no one fully realized it at that time. For some people the collapse of the country caused joy, for others, and such were the majority, caused regret and bitterness from the lost, and only for a few this event caused an alarming premonition of impending great tragedy. As if time itself had turned back, in the early 90s, many people felt the spirit of the early Middle Ages, its cruelty and lawlessness returning from oblivion.

In this year 2024, it will be twenty years since the moment when I made a decision to become more deeply aware of the processes taking place in our reality. The terrorist attack in Beslan on September 1, 2004 left a deep wound in my heart, it changed me and my attitude to life as such. The first video project called "Forward to the Past" matured in my mind on that very day, I realized that without realizing the past, it is impossible to realize the reason for what is happening around us.

Forward into the past

I have spoken more than once about evolutionary stagnation, I will repeat it again:
"do not naively believe that civilization has escaped from the Middle Ages. Slavery, crusades, inquisition, serfdom, colonialism and endless wars did not disappear, they only changed their mask from time to time, but in essence were and remain the same"

After the collapse of the USSR, the war itself put on the mask of virtue, now it is called differently: peace enforcement, struggle for freedom and democracy, counter-terrorist or special military operation, the very word "war" has faded into the past. Civilized nations cannot continue the barbaric traditions of their ancestors, and big business will not understand this, will it?

Meanwhile, the medieval reality does not just remain the same; with each new century, cruelty and its other metastases have spread like a cancerous tumor across the planet. Social inequality continues to grow rapidly, replacing serfdom, credit slavery becomes global, financial colonialism knows no borders, political inquisition continues to punish dissent, wars become more destructive and bloody. Under the mask of democracy and freedom of speech, the most serious crimes are committed, which in their brutality far exceed the medieval ones. The entire modern world order since the ancient period has had and continues to have a pronounced criminal character.

Only evil and everything connected with it evolves. Many people may object, citing examples of technological and scientific advances. We really don't need to do laundry and wash dishes with our hands, we don't need to go to the store, everything will be delivered directly to our homes. We don't have to do a lot of things ourselves, we don't even have to think, the Internet will provide all the information. I can assume that soon wars will be conducted remotely and with the comfort of lying on the couch. Why do we need hundreds of thousands of soldiers who need to be clothed, fed and armed, it will be enough to produce the same number of cheap drones, which can be controlled directly from your own apartment without getting up from a warm bed. There are enough gamers with experience in virtual killing today, they are taught to do it from childhood, and artificial intelligence will be able to replace the entire command staff and control centers. There is only one question: are all these and other scientific achievements good for man, or are they an accelerated path to his self-destruction?

Modern science has not been able to penetrate into the nature of even its own elementary knowledge, there is no talk about any new fundamental scientific discoveries. It is very surprising the desire of scientists to explain all the foundations of the universe emphasizing on the visible material reality, surprising the constant search for biological intelligent life in the universe. Many things are surprising, as an example we can point to the symbol of modern science, it is the Large Hadron Collider, the principle of its work can be compared to the study of a computer, which first decided to break with a sledgehammer into small pieces. Will we be able to learn something fundamentally new by studying these pieces? The finer we smash the remains of the computer, the faster we will end up with a hole from a bagel, emptiness.

The only thing modern science has succeeded in is creating new means of human destruction. It is unreasonable to see a mortal killing a mortal and then going to the place where he had recently sent others. Involuntarily recall the words from the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky in which he revealed his view on this problem, quote:
"For the mystery of human existence is not that only to live, but in what to live for. Without a firm idea to himself, for what to live, man will not agree to live and would rather destroy himself than stay on earth, even if all around him were bread".

Dostoevsky in his writings does not reveal the meaning of life itself, but makes it clear that only a free man can realize it. A free man does not need to be ruled, he can rule himself. The loss of control over man cannot be allowed by people obsessed with the passion of power and the vice of selfishness, who are most afraid of freedom. Such psychological types of people are promoted today to almost all key positions in all capitalist states. Human nature is such that a dependent person will always be imbued with hatred not for the one who made him dependent, but for the one who was able to maintain his independence. The traitor will hate not the one who induced him to betray, but the one who did not break and betray. Many people should still remember the pandemic of 2020, the vaccinated were ready to massacre people who refused vaccination, there were calls everywhere to restrict their rights and freedoms, there were even demands for complete isolation of vaccination opponents. There was a feeling that people were being deliberately divided into certain psychological groups.

It is not by chance that many people have already paid attention to one fact: people in power are working to weaken or even destroy their own statehood. The process of self-destruction has become especially pronounced in Europe since 2014. In Lithuania, I have paid attention to this fact for a long time, and in my opinion, it is connected with a certain psychological type of people who are actively embedded in all structures of power. These people are usually obsessed with hatred of their past and everything that is connected with it. In the recent past, all of them, or their parents, represented the Soviet elite, cooperated with various special services, and built a successful career. When circumstances changed, they betrayed their ideals of justice and took the opposite side. Today they convince people of the opposite – that social inequality has been there from the beginning of time, and that envy is the greatest sin, and a person needs to come to terms with injustice.

I would like to remind you that the sense of justice has nothing to do with envy, justice is inherent in each of us by nature. Communism exists at the cellular level of our organism from the beginning of time, it is known to science as intercellular whispering, due to the complex system of intercellular communication, all cells of the organism work together to maintain each individual cell. Can anyone imagine competition at the cellular level of the body, or the increased consumption of some cells at the expense of others? All these deviations inevitably lead to cancerous tumors and death of the whole organism. It turns out that the idea of communism or social justice, the name is not important, it is not utopia – it is the only correct solution in building a model of world order, which is laid down by nature.

Pay attention to the climate, it is not abnormal heat or frost that is alarming, it is sharp temperature changes that occur within a few hours, atmospheric pressure fluctuations, frequency of magnetic storms. Climate becomes unpredictable, as well as the whole political, social and any other picture of the world visible to us. But the most dangerous thing is another thing, the man himself is changing, he is no longer able to distinguish good from evil, such people stop seeing their future. Doesn't all this mean anything to you? But these are the symptoms of the very cancerous tumor, which since antiquity has reached the limit of its growth.
To date, hardly any political scientists or philosophers can offer a working model of the future world order, without a deep understanding of human nature, it is impossible to do so. I have always been surprised by the very absence of science about man and society, as if some invisible force is afraid to bring people closer to knowing themselves. I don't think it's a coincidence, it's not just that the ancient wisdom says: "Know yourself and you will know the whole world". It is necessary for a person to get to know himself, and this knowledge will open the way to knowing everything else, including helping to form a fair model of the future.

Controlling the physical man

A biological man is a complex machine, its mechanical part and the simplest basic functions of the brain have been thoroughly studied by science, although he himself still keeps many mysteries. If we consider the human body simplified, it is literally stuffed with billions of different sensors and receptors, which are connected to the control panel, the brain, it simulates in the human consciousness various movements and feelings, it can be pain, pleasure, joy, hunger, thirst and much more, all that we see, hear and feel. If we disable certain sensors, for example, a person will die of hunger or thirst without feeling either of them. In practice, of course, everything is much more complicated, but the principle of operation does not change.

  • Many neuroscientists are convinced that it is the brain that controls human beings; depending on the situation, it generates various chemical and electrical impulses that control our actions, thoughts and emotions. If the brain controls our body, the question naturally arises: who or what controls our brain itself? It turns out that all our actions and decisions depend on the situation we are in. There is a risk that being in certain conditions, the brain will drive itself into a situation that it will not be able to control. The conditions can be different, they can be formed by false values, false history, different technologies, everything that unconsciously makes a person dependent on them, and therefore controls him.

Pay attention, the whole market model of modern world economy is built on these principles, which as if makes decisions depending on the situation on the market. Any sensible person, not to mention economists, understands that there is no free trade, there is no invisible hand of the market, there is only one hand that can manipulate and impose its rules on everyone else. The same is true for controlling our brains, society and the state as a whole. Being in a certain situation, a person controlled by the brain will be forced to instinctively make decisions based on the regularity of his own nature.

But there is one more practice, which the ruling circles persistently keep silent, this practice involves controlling oneself, and thus controlling one's brain. This is what we were taught in the elementary grades of Soviet school. The practice of self-management has its roots deep in history. More than two thousand years ago, a man known to all as Buddha, said the words: "Although a man can defeat a thousand times a thousand enemies in battle, the greatest of the winners is the one who defeats himself" After centuries, a similar statement became popular in Christianity, Islam, as well as in many philosophical works of various thinkers since the early Middle Ages. Overcoming oneself does not mean physical victory over one's flesh; it means freedom from the influence of various chemical and electrical impulses in our brain on our actions and behaviors. To put it simply, a free man becomes independent of his own passions, emotions and other instincts, he controls them completely. Fyodor Dostoevsky summarized the essence of freedom very briefly in his writings, quote: "Freedom is not in not restraining oneself, but in owning oneself"


Civilization for many centuries has been developing instinctively, all the events taking place in the world today, most likely unconsciously, are already forming conditions in which mankind will finally drive itself into a situation that it will no longer be able to manage. Artificial intelligence will not be able to solve this problem, it will only aggravate it. I do not think that everything that is happening is someone's conspiracy, it is a natural process connected first of all with human consciousness, being in a long stage of degradation, the consciousness has entered an acute phase of contradiction with its own nature. These contradictions clearly demonstrate not only people's dimmed eyes, lack of faith in their own future, contradictions are manifested in everything, starting from politics and ending with the education of the young generation. Children from a young age are taught to live a mechanical life, in which there is no place for self-knowledge, only money, business, career, comfort and nothing more.

Human freedom is the main and only condition that can possibly mitigate the catastrophe and influence the further course of humanity's development. This is not the freedom that liberal ideology promotes, it is its exact opposite.

Jaras Valiukenas